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Jan 16, 2013 3:00pm PST
history. how we won the west was violence. drones dropping bombs on innocent people in pakistan is still violent. canada has roughly the same population as california. more californians kill each other with knives than canadians kill themselves with anything. so it's much deeper than just guns. we're talking about a culture and history, and that's why martin luther king's legacy is so important. >> jennifer: well, and of course guns are per vase nif a lot of communities struggling with poverty. what should we be doing to eliminate poverty in this country? >> very much like what the plt did today he said we're going to focus on gun. that's wonderful. behind it let's make poverty and let's make access to resources a priority. think about detroit, think about the south side of chicago. think about poor whites in appalachia, about what is going on in indian reservations. this kind of violence has been going on a long time among pour people. we have to have a much more comprehensive understanding of how we can access all of our citizens as well as human being around the world. >> jennif
Jan 11, 2013 4:00pm PST
. we've done seven in two weeks. the most recent, 11 in pakistan. when we accidently kill the wrong people, aren't their whole families and neighborhoods and communities much more likely to sign up to fight us? doesn't that incite terrorism to fight against us a lot more than a picture would? >> certainly. i'm actually in favor of targeted drone strikes when they're done right because the bottom line we're fighting the bad guys. you can't be a human rights purist when you're in the business of intelligence or trying to take out terrorists. but there are definitely problems with the drone strikes and certainly this collateral damage with what we call collateral damage is to other people the loss of their families and their children, and that is going to create a lot more animosity toward the united states than the release of photos of either bin laden or his funeral you know, and ostensibly somber occasion and feel as the american public we should see--if all that information was already released to two hollywood filmmakers you can't make the argument that we the american people cann
Jan 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
precious brothers and sisters in pakistan somalia and yemen. >> cenk: dr. cornell west said that on thursday in poverty in america panel. chris, do you think that is a fair criticism? >> i think those criticisms have been raised throughout the campaign by the liberal critics of the president and i think also by some more libertarians critics of the president. they will continue to be raised so long as the administration engages in policies that seem to run counter to other statements that he's made, and statements that he made in his 2008 election run. >> cenk: michael, of course, some people think it's too harsh. what is your take on it? >> yeah, i think it's too harsh. if you look at it going back to what today was it was king holiday. he's using king's bible. he is the first president of color in our history. he is the fruition for everything that martin luther king jr. dreamt of. is he everything? no. no one can be everything. you were talking earlier, cenk about the imperfections, we may not get done everything that we want to do. the very same speech that king made in the marc
Jan 17, 2013 9:00pm PST
drone is said to be giving real tim surveillance. robert greenwald is back from pakistan to determine if strikes are strickly targeted targeted on terrorists are making americans safer or creating a new generation ofant i-american militants. >> you are creating 1,000 morminds in people who will go in the ranks of the al qaeda and taliban and feel illegal activity happens it is a hostile one and something that has reaction. >> we will have more on the dron warfare in a moment. first on the crisis we are joined by the staff writer for defense and national defense for the hill. >> thank you for having me. >> what is the latest? officials say the assault is over but some prisoners are still being held. >> that's where the situation stands right now. you mentioned alger an special forces and the numbers regarding the hostages still on the -- at the facility, it is just as murky as the numbers coming out as who were killed and who escaped. some reports have said as many as two americans are still on the facility under lock and key by the militants who are there. again, reports vary. >> are
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
covert drone war conducted by our c.i.a. principally in pakistan, afghanistan and somalia that will be our focus in a few moments. filmmaker and activist robert greenwald is back from pakistan where he tried determine if strikes which washington says are targeted on terrorists are making the u.s. any safer or rather creating a new generation of anti--american militants. now according to pakistani foreign minister, hina rabbani khar, things are making it worse. >> you're creating a thousand more people who will go in the ranks of al-qaeda and the taliban because they feel that when civilians die and illegal activity happens in another territory, it is a hostile one and it is something which has reaction. >> john: we'll have more on drone warfare in a moment. first for the latest on the algerian hostage crisis, we're joined by carlo munoz staff writer, following the story. thank you for following the story tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> john: what is the latest? they say the assault is over but apparently some prisoners are still, in fact, being held. >> that's what -- sort of w
Jan 14, 2013 3:00am PST
six months. >> there has been times. i remember an appearance when it was the afghan and pakistan leaders if i am remembering. >> sort of different because it's over, i guess. >> uh-huh. >> on the way over. i wasn't describe it as a particularly warm chemistry. there was a distance and calculation on both of their parts about the words that are unspoken. >> right. so the president in addition to afghanistan, iraq, is dealing with that. it comes back to the domestic front. what is his number 1 priority that he feels that he has got some political capitol now that he wants to spend on? >> guns first. >> so probably to me. recess we will see formally what the the obama an minstration wants but the big haul because it's largely been written off. >> the con venal wisdom from democrats and other gun rights activists is you can try and follow up but don't hold your breath. >> the votes aren't there. the bigger long-term push, it was the unfulfilled promise to latino advocates. it is something that the administration believes many republicans will be on board with also this time around is
Jan 7, 2013 6:00am PST
should first cut back to countries like pakistan and egypt and that we shouldn't disengage from israel entirely but rather we should be selling armaments and not giving them away. paul recently joined the senate foreign relationses committee. this is his very first trip to israel. some trouble for him on the homefront, too this weekend his 19-year-old son was arrested at the airport in charlotte north carolina. allegedly for being drunk. william paul detained and booked for underage consumption disorderly conduct and being intoxicated and disruptive. senator paul's office released a statement asking for privacy and respect. >>> and it seems like mississippi congressman steven pal a zoe is selective when it comes to disaster aid. post-katrina storm relief, all good. but post-superstorm sandy relief for the northeast not so much. talking points memo has details of the hypocrisy. he was one of 667 house members -- 67 house members to voted against for $9.7 billion in immediate aid but back in 2005 palazzo a local government official in mississippi lobbied hard for federal money to help hi
Jan 14, 2013 4:00pm PST
strikes but i'm against dumb drone strikes. we seem to have stepped up our drone strikes in pakistan, and also in yemen. we have done six strikes in the span of eight days. this is significantly increased from the past, and it was pretty heavy in the past as well. in fact, according to the bureau of investigative journalism. since 2002 our drone strikes have killed between 558 to 1119 civilians, that's not militants and 204 to 350 have been children. the person who is known as mr. drone is john brennan so what does he get? of course, a promotion. he's now being considered for the head of the c.i.a. in fact, he has been nominated by president obama. now when he was asked about drone strikes earlier, here's part of what he had to say. >> we may also use force isn't with our inherent rights of national self defense. there is nothing in international law that bans the use of remotely piloted aircraft for this purpose or prohibits us from using lethal force against our enemies outside an active battlefield. at least when the country involved consents or is unable for unwilling to take act
Jan 24, 2013 3:00pm PST
pakistan works with to our advantage. i hope the administration finds ways to be more transparent going forward. this is a full plate for john kerry. we have known crisis dealing with syria. can we have a meaningful conversation with iran. he'll be at the forefront of creating a sustainable relationship and a working relationship with new leadership in china. he has been very involved over the years but only in pakistan issues afghanistan issues. he'll work the diplomat iic aspect of the war and he has been involved in the crisis of sudan. if the list wasn't long enough there is the emerging challenge in mali and across and of courseofcourse britain's role, he'll be looking at the concerns of the united states about britain turning inward as opposed to being a strong voice within the european union. very complex issues that he'll wrestle with over the next four years. >> jennifer: you covered my list of questions so i really appreciate that former assistant secretary of state p.j. crowley. thank you for joining us in "the war room"." >>> americans want assault weapons gone. senato
Jan 15, 2013 3:00am PST
mean tint, pakistan use -- i mean at this point pakistan was a country where america was admired widely. our image in that nation was plummeted because in large measure because of this drone policy we have. i think the real problem is that you know, because we can do something, we haven't slowed down to ask should we do it? yeah, we had the technology, smart people who can run a drone. well what about the human element here where we make sure that we are respecting civilians, that we make sure that there is a quantum of proof that is reviewable before we decide to execute a human being including a u.s. citizen. and of course, all of this stuff is made a little more complicated because you take a guy like anwar al-awlaki bad guy. no doubt about it. and if you use a policy to get after a bad guy, then you never review the policy because the outcome was a bad guy. but we need to review this policy and start getting our hands around it to say does america want to be a country that abandoned the rule of law that abandoned the geneva convention, that doesn't have any reviewability, tha
Jan 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
council for peace where we'll be seeking the help of relevant regional countries including pakistan. >> cenk: and we all know how helpful pakistan has been in afghanistan. now the president didn't say how many american troops would actually be staying in afghanistan, either before 2014 when the war is supposed to end or as part of the residual force for untold years to come. most americans seem to want them all out right now. according to a pew poll taken last october just over a third of american adults think u.s. troops should stay in afghanistan until the situation is stable while 60% would like the troops out as soon as pop as weather a decade of wars was worth the cost, president obama suggested that it was. >> at the end of this conflict we are going to be able to say that the sacrifices that were made by those men and women in uniform has brought about the goal that we sought. >> for more on the president's news conference and american's future in afghanistan, let's go to two of my distinguished guests p.j. callly, profession at george washington university, and one time assi
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)